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Psychology Services

We are excited that you have found our page. At Tancredpsych, we are interested in your emotional health and well-being. We would like to help you remove obstacles that are keeping you from being your most awesome self. Our therapy approach is client centred which is an empathic style of therapy that motivates you to explore your potential in a supportive, empathetic and judgement free environment Everyone can use a little extra support in handling life’s challenges and our therapy is designed to help you handle and understand your emotions and thinking. We aim to help you manage what is occurring in your life by empowering you to respond to situations in the best possible way. We can provide you with feedback on whatever you are feeling and offer you an opportunity for insight into how your emotions are affecting your everyday life.

Individual Sessions

Helping individuals with mental health, stress, goal setting, and trauma. Building resilience in people to better deal with life’s ups and downs.

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Working on and building communication techniques, trust issues, conflicts, and physical and emotional intimacy issues in your relationship.

Children and Family Therapy

Offering services to both children and teenagers in a calm and safe environment. We also offer full family sessions to discuss whole family conflicts.

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At TancredPsych we use an easy online booking system called Halaxy where you can book your preferred therapist at a time that is most convenient to you.

What Makes TancredPsych Different?

We work with individual clients experiencing anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, feeling “stuck” and/or seeking a higher quality of life. We have a deep passion for helping you work through the emotional impact that significant life events may have had. We would like to help you heal emotional wounds, reconnect with your life, and move forward towards a life that was intended for you.

We understand that it takes courage to get started with any form of therapy. Sometimes even calling to make an appointment can invoke feelings of both anxiety and relief. We understand that sharing your most intimate thoughts with a stranger can be anxiety provoking. Therefore, our work is guided by the following values and principles to build a safe, caring and trusting connection with our clients.

A deep commitment to ethical practice, integrity, confidentiality and understanding.

A caring approach to therapy for individuals, couples and families.

Evidence-based techniques tailored to suit your specific needs.

Validation and support with what has occurred in your life and your life circumstances.

Providing an opportunity for self-reflection and growth throughout your therapy.

A LGBTIQA+ friendly, sensitive and inclusive environment for all gender and sexuality issues.

How We Can Help You

You may at times feel overwhelmed with life circumstances or anxious – maybe you’re unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you aren’t living the life you were meant to lead.
Whatever your needs may be, we are here to offer you support and acceptance without judgement.
When we work with couples our aim is to help you have greater intimacy in your relationships or cope with marital distress. When we work with children and families, we aim to create a safe environment for family members to express their feelings and improve communication.
Relationship Therapy Bowen Hills

Mary has been a wonderful support to me on many occasions. She’s always shown great empathy yet nurtured and developed the way I think and process issues. I strongly recommend Mary.

Steve Jones
Albion, Brisbane

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