Relationship counselling looks at improving communication
and resolving issues within an intimate relationship.

Couples Sessions – The Journey United

Mary Tancred – Registered Psychologist | BPsych (Hons). MAPS

Relationship Counselling

Every relationship has trouble from time to time: issues may have been present at the start of the relationship, surfaced later, or arisen due to unexpected stress. Whatever trouble your relationship is in, and no matter how severely your relationship is being affected, almost all couples can benefit from relationship counselling.

What I can offer you:

  • Focus is on the relationship itself. The aim is for couples to view the relationship in a more objective manner. Both partners are encouraged to stop the ‘blame game’ and instead look at what happens to them when they interact with each other and view the relationship as a process involving each partner.
  • Address dysfunctional behaviour. The aim is to change the way both partners interact and behave towards one another. The focus is on helping them to improve their interactions and ensure they are not engaging in actions that cause physical, psychological, or economic harm to their partner. 
  • Deal with emotional avoidance.  When you avoid expressing your personal feelings you are at risk of becoming emotionally distant and growing apart from your partner. The aim is to help couples express their emotions and thoughts that they fear expressing. Ultimately, the aim is to revitalise lost intimacy, eventually drawing couples closer together and restoring a sense of loving connection.
  • Improving the way in which you communicate with one another.  My aim is to help couples communicate more effectively with each other. Couples may require ‘coaching’ to learn how to speak to one another in more supportive and understanding ways. At times couples feel so hurt they express themselves by lashing out verbally and so trust needs to be rebuilt.
  • Helping to negotiate commitments. As therapy draws to a close, we will draw on the strengths of the relationship and the skill building achieved so far to negotiate or renegotiate commitments towards the new relationship.
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How We Can Help

You may at times feel overwhelmed with life circumstances or anxious – maybe you’re unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you aren’t living the life you were meant to lead.

Whatever your needs may be, I am here to offer you support and acceptance without judgment.

Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery. My therapy sessions are client-centred and I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a positive outlook and the adoption of new attitudes and feelings.

Whether you’re going through anxiety, depression, a difficult relationship, grief, and loss, post-traumatic stress or feel ‘stuck’ – I have the tools and professional experience to help you get ahead.